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North America is one of the most developed continent on the planet. Almost 500 million inhabitants live in this territory of more than 24 million square kilometers. Only three countries are considered components of the North American continent: Mexico, United States and Canada. Such geographical area it is possible to find with an enormous diversity of climates and geographies. One of the most representative of North America in New York City.

Almost 20 million inhabitants live in 1200 km. Since its foundation in the year 1624 the city has not stopped growing, developing economically and positioning itself to your port as one of the most important in the world. Annually, 22 million tourists come to the Big Apple with the hope of being able to enjoy a cosmopolitan city and surprising, multifaceted and multicultural. Therefore, that is an excellent idea to opt to perform a language course at one of the many schools English New York that account for students from all parts of the world. Canada is a country extremely interesting to discover. This country has the particularity of being bilingual, i.e.

that part of its population speaks French, along with English, they are the official languages. For this reason, it is also possible to make English courses in Canada and have a surprising country of incredible natural resources, which is reflected in the hundreds of parks and protected areas of the country has. Canadian cities are cities of art, of an excellent quality of life, where the inhabitants live in so urbanized and peaceful, with very different origins. Canada is characterized by the huge development of non-polluting industries, such as education and technology and the fine arts.

Conversion Materials

The truth, that faced with this reality, modern management requires another vision, updated knowledge in all those managerial topics that guarantees results, participation of enterprises, especially, proactivity, strategies, plans, which allow you to meet the challenges, generating changes give way to the transformations that are presented depending on the opportunities many times manifested product of actions of the Government and of the same globalization.Companies to face the great challenges have required not only to redefine its operation with efficient administrative systems, but with the definition of functions for each position in a more practical way that involves knowledge, abilities and skills that each requires. There are many successful companies that have changed their organizational structure, making it more simple, operational, knowing how to make that modern technology has contributed, especially information technology. What are the administrative units that must operate unfettered, effectively have been defined.Modern enterprises have been identified, with the importance, relevance generated by having a trained, trained, integrated, human resource responsible, committed to their duties and productivity in order to foster through their performance the expected benefits, duly established in the objectives that were defined with the participation of the views of all.Modern companies, have a technology capable of manufacture products, provide quality services, competitive, that meet the needs of its consumers. Technology which takes them well defined processes production, maintenance, management indices pointing what should be the productivity that meets demand with minimal costs. Technology that addresses the challenges, competitiveness, that fortress to the company, especially to the management plans of markets to ensure that you conquer them. Faced with this reality, must take into account, that the core activity of the processing industry for example, consists of process various raw materials purchased and transform them into new finished products.

Sometimes, the change in the physical or chemical characteristics of raw materials is total, and in other cases is relatively small. The raw materials that have not yet been processed are included in an inventory of such materials. In any case, the industrialist does not sell identical raw materials to as buy them. His cost of production is not the purchase price, but the value of manufacturing raw materials into items to the consumer, by means of manufacturing methods. Production function It ranges from the acquisition of raw material, its transformation, until the finished product is obtained. The manufacturing process consists of a situation of input current and potential output. The input current is made up of raw materials used in the product, the operation consists of the conversion of raw raw (along with equipment, time, labor, money, address, etc) in finished product, which constitutes the potential output or production. Specifically, there is no doubt that the characteristics of the current commercial scenarios show much competitiveness, technology advanced, alliances, new products, satisfaction to the consumer demand in pro of your needs, as well as threats, challenges that derive from politics, world economy, aspect which must be very taken into account by a management visionary, capable of meeting the challenges, and above all, take advantage of the opportunities that are presented.