The Elements

It is for this great influence and flexibility of the world-wide climate, that if becomes important its study, as well as the different climates of the world, its elements and its changes. In this work we will present these elements, information that will be able to help day-by-day in the agreement of this element of the so present nature in ours. The elements of the climate are: Climate: it is a generalization or the integration of the conditions of the time for a certain period, in one determined area. It is a synthesis of the types of time that normally occur in data place, during a long period. Time: he is something that varies very on the surface of the Land. the total addition of the atmospheric conditions of local data, in one determined chronological time. The repetition for a long period of one determined type of atmospheric time, determines the climate of certain place. For determination of the climate of a region they are necessary that the climatic factors and elements are known: Factors of the climate: they are the relives, types of ground, latitude, altitude.

These factors influence the climatic elements and modify the climate of a place. Climatic elements: temperature, humidity, rain, wind, cloudiness, pressure atmospheric and solar radiation. They are meteorological largenesses that vary in the time and the space and communicate to the atmospheric way. The displacement of the air masses, formed in the dynamics of the atmospheric circulation, is responsible for the simultaneous occurrence (that is, at the same time) of diverse types of atmospheric time in the planet. The air masses are not static elements, the resultant types of time of its performance also are not static, that is, they are not stopped in relation ones to the others, however, the repetition of determined types of atmospheric time allows the identification of great climatic types of the planet.