Jurisoft Services

The project arises from the Association BULMA and has moved to their own association called IGLOOS Bulmages is currently supported by several companies that offer installation, configuration, updates, user support and other services associated with this software. The importance of commercial support is vital for the purpose of this free Software actually reaches the target audience: Las a small example of this is the case of all-networks that sells it services installation, adaptation and support under the designation BulmagesPlus. And is that free software has no limits. It not only allows us to use a simple Nintendo DS to take notes of orders, our accounting BulmGes for Jurisoft management system we also can or create an ecosystem where companies can offer support services. For example, the installer developed by Todo-networking that facilitates the task of installation and maintenance. It is not yet public because it is working to adapt first medical software and POS programs. Task that takes certain amount of time. They have given us the opportunity to download the installer and try it. To install it we must assign permissions (properties/permissions) to allow run the file as a program, then we double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen of the crm. From all – networks have asked us that are users who make a feedback, so we encourage you to try this installer. Sure that your opinion will be of much help.