The Retail

Drawing a parallel with the retail variety and assortment of categories make the difference in the buying experience for whom the convenience of finding everything in one place is the main driver. 2 Evolution commercial directories off-line analysis capabilities add value to the data of the holder of a telephony line fixed in a notice classed by category or alphabetical order design and editorial operations Expertise in selling advertising space property/franchise for its use. Handling of customers (often defined oligopolicamente), distribution geographically limited and scheduled annually, features experience in the editorial aspects of large volumes and with large amounts of data. classic product known by the entire population, although increasingly resisted by sophisticated consumers, the early urban adopters of new technologies. Force sales multi-channel itself with stability and skilled; corporate support of the TELCO given the definition of business, when burst internet, replicated abilities of the world off-line (accumulated in nearly 90 years of history of this industry in the world), putting it in network. But were of high value in the global chain would not bring this disruptive scenario technologically was to allow concrete transaction (and therefore add the highest value expected by both audiences). And all because their paradigm was to establish contact between supply and demand, or the design of the physical product or lack of an agile, safe technology and multimedia online left them out of the business of e-commerce and e-mall.

Although they potentially could be, the paradigmatic limitation caused them not to incorporate those capabilities fundamentally of technological infrastructure and a look more systemic processes – launch PA online replied dimension logic off-line/telephone contact. With one incremental move was intended to defeat the appearance of a model of disruptive business permitted by a technological platform that responded to another paradigm. The company of PA will continue to have capabilities in the advertising industry, although illuminated by the light of the dead stars: could not predict that the technology and capabilities in the environment of e-commerce are radically different.