Few things change in Mestalla year to year. Of beginning, the illusion of the fans is uncontrollable. In three seasons, those of the crisis and the sales of Villa and Silva, the Valencia has known to re-invent itself. By far counted success and errors, the set of the discussed Unai Emery, always is competitive. The incorporations of Diego Alves, Rami, Parejo and Piatti, in the hope of Channels, seduce the launching slip, next to which they appear of down, Bernat and Alccer and those that already they were, the Soldier, Albelda, Pablo Hernandez and, coverall Bush, to which all sigh in retaining. And the presentation before the liking could not be happier and effective before the Rome that could not take off I put to rancid of Italian soccer. With forcefulness and brilliance, the Valencia was raised with its trophy, that Bush raised, in an action that it invites to the optimism. Source of the news: : The Valencia deludes to Mestalla. .