Support who it, they are committed to extinguish to lights and electric home appliances during one hour. This action will be carried out Saturday 27 of March and the last ones in scoring have been the Bernabu Stage, in Madrid, and the one of Mestalla, in Valencia. In addition, " Hour of the Planeta" also it has presence in the virtual world: almost a million followers in Facebook; and 25,500, in Twitter. " Last night the number grew in 20.000. In YouTube, besides the official video, videos created by people have appeared, like the one of the bulging bear and, in more recent dates, other realised in Mexico with a imitador of Michael Jackson who wears the t-shirt of evento" , it indicated Ridley. " Hour of the Planeta" it left from the World-wide Forum for Naturaleza (WWF). The first year participated to a country and a city, with about 50,000 homes and about 2,000 buildings of companies and businesses. The following year, the attendance included 4,088 cities of 88 nations To not it must us to surprise as Diego Griffon comments, who today is spoken of Solastalgia.

This word expresses the pain that is experienced when the belief exists that the place in which one lives and loves this under an imminent threat. Nevertheless, it is indeed in this feeling, undergone by so many people, where the hope of our species rests. The real possibility exists that the climatic conditions of the planet make the survival impossible of many species, among them ours. We face a great danger, unpublished in the history of the humanity. Nevertheless, it is indeed in the newness of this threat, where is its potential. In our history we have never had so avasallantes evidences on as a life way can put in danger our subsistence. Perhaps before evidences of this nature, we are able to realise deep changes.