Brazil Digital

Galdino Luiz Mosque ‘ ‘ Co’ ‘ it came to the event to present the actions of capacity techniques of the information, its connection will be carried through in partnership with the government of the state the municipal government and federal government, it affirmed that it makes the difference in developing tools in intention to develop the technology. Mosque affirmed that the Ceo has system of world-wide reference stops tax collection, transforming return of the knowledge into action the society, in its speech mentioned Mr. Jose Ricardo as regional of the south, center west and north of the parents, with work developed partner the digital inclusion. Emanuel Silva, planning secretary, in its speaks remembered the college of science of the information.

They see how many changes the information and the technology through free software provide in them, today we have a digital city, and the evolution goes to continue to put, the people who think and respect our Brazil are responsible for the system, it spoke of the digital inclusion implanted by the federal government in the creation of the Ufopa, pointed out despite the system facilitated the life of many people in Santarm, the project Sails Par placed gratuitous modules for half of the city, availability of the government of the state, and in turn the federal government repassed in dates of 550 event notebooks for pupils of the net municipal theatre. The secretary of the planning emphasized, is making for our grandsons so that the knowledge can improve the life of our nation Amaznida, the easinesses to travel for the world for the Internet, in search of knowledge and leisure, the free industries of software go to bring wealth without pollution and completed, the future can be being born today. I fall I water, coordinator of the Fasol, made its gratefulness the people gifts and to the palestrantes, it spoke on the history of the event, that in the last year invited friends for an event of free software, the Amazonian name frum was not by chance, with this the place provided to greater visibility, not only for nerds more for all the community with philosophy and change of life.