Each One In Its Square

One of the speculated on subjects more in condominium meetings is the garage vacant. Many cases with this thematic one finish going stop in the court. The habitation union (Secovi) carried through a research that it affirms to be about 25%, the related existing problems with car and alone it loses position for the racket. While some complain of those joint owners who disrespect the space of the other, exceeding the space delimited for the car, others find that the problem is the division of garage, pressed space or structure badly made. What it happens in relation to this last case is that many constructors do not respect the laws of construction for each vehicle and city.

Some forms of vacant distribution exist for a condominium. They can be for annual definitive drawing, drawings, rotating, vacant vacant definitive, and independent vacant. The distribution that generally cause more problems is the annual drawing, when the inhabitants oldest of the building are convoked to make the choice. Tips to prevent repentances: – The garage of the car before signing the contract Verifies – the vacant Measures and compares with its car. – Test the garage parking the car to see if the maneuvers is possible. – Knot case of purchase of the plant, part to give one looked in the garage. These are some forms to get information and not to have future annoyances. This article is available in the site of the Liqui tires